Business Support - Consultancy, Mentoring, Coaching

Get the business and legal help you need all in one telephone call.

Business support from an expert?
Traditionally coaching, consulting and mentoring have been different disciplines with varying outcomes.

With over 38 years’ service business experience we (Steph and Sue) understand the need for a mixed and flexible approach. We offer, via our monthly support services, a hybrid approach depending on what we are working on and your requirements. The process is built entirely on your personal needs and aspirations for your business goals.

Your Consultant 
Depending on your business experience in the start-up or rapid change phase you may need consulting – what to do and how to do it. You need to move fast so the focus is on speed and certainty of outcome. We provide consulting in the following areas:

1. Working with others including joint ventures, associates and employees
2. Protection of IP
3. Growing tutor, coaching and consulting businesses
4. Creating more income in knowledge based service businesses
5. Compliance and regulatory  

Your Mentor
As your business grows you may want to use an experienced sounding board, a mentor to help you navigate the tough times and support you in making decisions. A trusted advisor who has a wealth of experience to help you as the outcomes of your decision making unfolds.

Your Coach
As you gain experience and confidence you may identify different requirements to grow your business and we help here using coaching techniques. Providing you with the strategies needed by pulling through the right answers by questioning you. We provide coaching in the following areas :
1. Growing a service business online using knowledge products
2. Building strong business foundations for growth (organic or preparing for investment)
3. Working with others including leadership  Our varied approach has worked successfully with 100s of business owners.

We provide a FREE introductory session to get to know each other and how the work we will do will be structured.

When we decide to work with each other the minimum period is 4 months although most of our clients choose to work with us for longer periods due to the diverse nature of our experience. This can be paid for monthly and you know before ordering our service exactly what you will receive and how our working together will be planned. Fees start from £300 ex VAT per month dependent on the nature of the work. Where we work with the whole of the small management team (3 or less) our fees start from £495 ex VAT per month providing all meetings are with all members of the team.

Tell me more:  
 - You are in control – arrange the calls to suit yourself
 - Talk to an expert about your business
 - Each call usually lasts about an hour.

Don’t put it off  any longer!

£300 + VAT a month 
minimum of 4 months 

Support for you and your business 
Perfect for when you want to talk to a business expert about your business. Whether it's starting, building, growing or exiting your business we can help/

Get advice and bounce ideas off someone who’s been there and done it. Someone who can offer you practical and invaluable advice based on their own experience. Someone who has successfully helped other businesses?

Why do I need this? Get clarity on how to start, grow or change your business. Talk to someone who understands your position and can offer practical business and legal advice based on experience Affordable and fixed costs
Support Designed for small business owners
Perfect for when you want to talk to a business expert about your business. We designed this service for the small business owner to get you over anything that’s on your mind. You’ll speak to someone with who understands how to run a small business and has many years’ experience in running service businesses. Someone who has helped many businesses to improve and thrive. Someone who also understands the law and how it works. Use this service to talk about
- starting
- growing
- scaling
- making changes in your business
- a problem about your business you are losing sleep over
- getting your business online
- creating and selling products from your knowledge.

How will this help you?
Get peace of mind. Running a business is rewarding but it can also be stressful.

We can help.

 What Happens?
(1) You either buy now or you can schedule your Free Introductory Session with us.
(2) Once you’ve ordered you can download full instructions about how to book your first call. This includes the link to access our online diary.
(3) Once you have successfully scheduled your first Consultancy Call you’ll get an automatic email confirmation. Most calls are through Zoom. You’ll get full instructions in the email.
(4) Need to rearrange your call? We understand that sometimes you need to rearrange your call. Do this by logging back into the scheduler – use the same link that you used to book your call.  You can reschedule once at least 48 hours before the time of your call.

What's included? 

Business support how and when you need it. 

Schedule a convenient appointment 

  • Fixed Price 4 Month Support
  • 4 payments of


    per month Buy Now
  • Immediate access to schedule your first call
  • Support from a business and legal expert who understands business
  • Schedule a call a month
  • + VAT