Data Protection GDPR - Essential Toolkit

A mix of essential legal documents, practical know-how and video on demand support, helping you confidently grow and protect your business.

Essential Data Protection information and documents that your business needs 

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    What will you get in this plan?

  • All the documents, guides and videos support you need
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Data Protection GDP Toolkit
Essential data protection legal and business documents, guides and support

Tell me why I need this GDPR Data  Protection Toolkit (the Toolkit) - why is it good for my business? do I need it? 
 Are you  
✓ A small business that collects and personal data? Things like customer or client names, addresses, emails and IP addresses.
Wondering what you need to do about GDPR and data protection?
Looking for an easy to use step by step-by-step solution or your business?
Wanting something affordable?
Yes? Then this GDPR and Data Protection Toolkit is just right for you.  

Why is this good for your business?
It will save you time, money, effort and stress.

Every business needs to understand data protection and GDPR- this toolkit gives you immediate access to the knowledge, practical information, guidance and documents that you need. It will help you get on top of everything that you need to have in place quickly and easily.  We've worked with many 1000s of small business owners. We've had lots of input and feedback. 

This toolkit gives you the background information, practical information and documents  all together in one place. You don't have to go searching for what you need. It's all there in the guides, videos and documents.  If you run a small business you cannot afford to be without this toolkit.

After all, your clients (buyers) trust you with their data so you need to let them to know that you respect them and will use their data properly. After all, who wants to buy from a business that might sell on their data?  Showing you deal with personal data means that you can build trusted and loyal relationships. It also means that you are complying with your legal obligations as a business.

Why is this Toolkit different from other legal template providers? 
We give you:
- Essential Background knowledge -videos and guides which explain what data protection is, why it's so important for your business, and what your business needs to do and have in place.
- Expert Knowledge and documents written by qualified UK lawyers - legal and practical guides, information and documents written by trained lawyers with practical experience of running businesses. We know what business owners want and need.
- Beautifully Simple - You don’t want dusty old documents full of language nobody uses in real life – words like aforesaid and hitherto! Our docs are clearly written in plain English.
- Support -You don’t just get a load of documents with no support. We explain documents with ‘How to’ explainer videos.  They take you through the document, explaining each section, step-by-step so you can use the video every time you need to use the document.  
- Easy to Navigate - The Toolkit is organised into sections so you can choose quickly the areas you want to focus on.

Our toolkits make managing and growing your business much simpler.  

Designed for you - the small business owner
We make sure you’re confident about :
- Why you need that document.
- What it means for your business.
- How to adapt the document so that it fits your business and what it needs.

Is this suitable for me? 
If you are in business and want to protect your business, your data and meet your obligations  then this Toolkit is for you.

It also makes a great addition to once of our speciality Starter Toolkits including those for Coaches, VAs and Tutors.


What does it cost?
Pay a one-off single payment for 12 months access to all of the training, documents and video. That includes anything which we update or add during your 12 months' access. .  

Do I get support?
Yes - all members can email for any technical or access issues.

What Do I Get?
Included in this Toolkit are
-Data protection training - essential information
- Essential documents for your business
- 'How to' Explainer videos.
- Guides.
- Access to support.

How does it work?
Once you’ve paid you get immediate access to the Toolkit and can start using the videos, guides and documents.


What is in the GDPR Data Protection Toolkit? 

The GDPR Data Protection Toolkit for small businesses

  • One Time Purchase


    What will you get in this plan?

  • All the documents, guides and videos support you need
  • 12 months' access - includes access to any updates
  • One single payment
  • + VAT
  • Buy Now