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Specialist Terms and Conditions and other documents if you run an online shop selling PPE

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What is the Specialist Hub and why do I need it? 
The Specialist Hub is an "add-on" to our Legal Hub. It gives you immediate access to a mix of essential legal documents, practical know-how and support designed for an online shop selling PPE. It’s a clear way for you comfortably and easily to get everything your business needs in place.  Written by expert solicitors and made available for your small business. All templates are written according to the law in England and Wales.


What does it cost?
You pay a single annual membership fee of £480 which includes VAT.  You get  24/7/365 access for a full 12 months to
- This Specialist Hub and
- Our General Hub. 

How does it work?
Once you’ve paid you get immediate access to  The LHG Hub and can start using the documents. Watch the video below to find our more.


What is in The Hub?

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