Online Courses Legal Toolkit

Essential legal documents, practical know-how and video on demand support, helping you confidently grow and protect your online courses business.

Legal Toolkit
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Online Courses Legal Toolkit 
Essential legal and business documents, guides and support

 What is the Online Courses  Legal Toolkit and why do I need it?
Are you running an online course? Do you run your courses from your own website? Do you use a platform like Teachable or Thinkific?
If so, you need this Online Courses Toolkit because it makes it easier to sell your courses and run your business.

If you're selling online courses you need great Terms and Conditions. Not just any old terms. Terms that really work for your business and your buyers. Terms that make it easy to buy from you and protect your business.

We know that Terms and Conditions are not the most exciting part of running a business, but they are important. That’s why ours are written in plain English and only cover all the information you need them to. They even come with a video ‘How To’ guide which takes you through each section of the document.

This Toolkit also includes important information about copyright too!

Why use our Legal Toolkit Terms and Conditions? 
Firstly, they help your buyers feel comfortable about buying from you. Use them to reassure and deal with their concerns. Deal anything that might stop them buying. What happens if there’s a problem and they can’t access the course? Can they have a refund if it isn’t what they expected? You can also make sure that you cover the information that the law expects you to. It makes it easy to let buyers know what to expect from your business.

Secondly, they are important to protect your business. Do you want to protect your courses? Would you be happy for buyers to copy them and upload them to YouTube? Do you let buyers pay in instalments or over time? What happens when a payment is late?

Finally, great terms and conditions lead to more sales. People like to deal with transparent businesses who want to build great relationships.

What if you're using a learning platform? 
If you run your courses from a platform that has terms and conditions you might think they will  be enough for you. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to be. They won’t be written with your business in mind. Also, platforms are often owned by companies based in USA. English law says that you have to provide certain information before people buy a course. That information is unlikely to be included in the platform’s own terms.
 We make it easy 
For example, you can use the Business Terms and Conditions whether you are working with
- a business
- a consumer (non-business)
- in a group situation.
Yes - one business terms document can cover all of those different clients and ways of working! Why make it more complicated?  

It’s easy to forget about growing and protecting your own business when you are busy serving clients and customers. You can’t. You need to take care of your business. You need this toolkit.

Why is the  Toolkit different from other legal template providers?
Our toolkits are:  
- Built for you to use use and grow your business - You don’t want to just get a load of documents with no support. We explain documents in videos that you can look at every time you need to issue a contract or agreement.
- Beautifully Simple - You don’t want dusty old documents full of language nobody uses in real life – words like aforesaid and hitherto! Our docs are clearly written.
- Support - you get 'How to' Explainer videos which take you through the documents. You get video guides, tools and checklists to make managing and growing your business simpler.  

Designed for you - the small business owner
We make sure you’re confident about :
- Why you need that document.
- What it means for your business.
- How to adapt the document so that it fits your business and what it needs.


What does it cost?
A one off fixed payment!  

Do I get support?
Yes - all members can email for any technical or access issues.

How does it work?
Once you’ve paid you get immediate access to  The Toolkit and can start using the documents.


What is in Online Courses Toolkit?

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  • One Single Payment


  • All the documents, guides and videos support you need
  • Immediate access - 24/7
  • 12 months' access - includes any updates
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