Telephone Call - 30 Minutes

30 minute call for you to discuss legal and/or business issues with a legal and business expert

What is this?
This is a fixed price call for you to speak to an expert about a legal and/ or business matter. Someone who can offer practical business and legal advice based on actual experience - they have started, grown and run their own business.   All at affordable and fixed costs.

What can I talk about?
Our experts are qualified lawyers who have a lot of experience running their own service businesses and helping others run theirs. That means that you can get help with most of the things that  happen in a business.

 You can speak to them about most aspects of the day to day things involved :
- Have you got a query about a business relationship?
- Has someone not paid on time?
- Concerned about something in your contract terms?
- Been offered a new opportunity and need to talk about it?  

The list is almost endless!

Why do I need this?  
It's always good to know that you can talk to an expert about something which is on your mind and get peace of mind. We can also help you get the best from a situation  and avoid any pitfalls!

Being in business is rewarding but hard work. Time is at a premium, particularly if you are a small business. It often means that instead of focusing on something for your business you spending time delivering your services.

Being in business can also be very lonely. Whilst it's great to talk to friends and family you need help from someone who is independent and who has practical experience in what you need to discuss.
Tell me more:  
You are in control – arrange the call to suit yourself
Talk to an expert about your business
Why put it off  any longer!

 What Happens?
(1) Schedule your Call - you are in control. Once you’ve ordered you can download full instructions about how to book your call. This includes the link to access our online diary.

(2)  When you schedule your call you tell what you'd like to talk about .
You do this by completing the all the information on the form which is part of the scheduling process. We can then match you with the right expert. If you need any support, please email
(3) Once you have successfully scheduled your Call you’ll get an automatic email confirmation. You’ll get full instructions in the email.

(4) Need to rearrange your call? We understand that sometimes you need to rearrange your call. Do this by logging back into the scheduler – use the same link that you used to make the appointment. You can reschedule once at least 48 hours before the time of your call. 

  • Fixed Price Call
  • £175

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